Business in the City? Why You Should Hire a Chauffeur

9aa35c31-6efe-434f-a1e8-4966e3531dc6When you have business in the great city of Chicago, you probably won’t bring your own car. You need some form of transportation to get to all your meetings, dinners, and your hotel. If you’re in this situation, you’re faced with an important choice: Do you rent a car? Do you call a cab or a driving service? Or do you hire a chauffeur?

In this blog, we discuss eight benefits of hiring a chauffeur the next time you’re in the Windy City on business.

1. Guaranteed On-Time Arrival

When you rent a car or call a taxi, especially from the airport, there’s typically a wait time. However, if you’ve already hired chauffeuring service, your chauffeur is waiting for you when you land. Since you’re traveling for business, you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to be late to meetings and dinners. A chauffeur will make sure you’re always on time.

2. One Rate

One of the reasons you may hesitate to hire a chauffeur is because you believe the price is too high. However, when you rent a car, for example, you not only have to pay the base price but also the cost of gasoline, tolls, insurance, parking, and any dings that may show up on the car. With a chauffeur, your rate includes all your expenses.

3. Detailed Knowledge of the City

Your chauffeur not only has GPS and a reliable knowledge of the city, but he or she also knows when the traffic is bad in certain areas and what the optimal routes are to avoid it. If you have some downtime and want to see the sights or check out the best coffee shop in town, your chauffeur can get you there easily.

4. Stress-Free Traffic Situations

A chauffeur’s training and professionalism dictates that he or she keep a cool head while driving. Even when other drivers around you may honk or yell, you can relax in the backseat and trust your chauffeur to drive safely and calmly.

5. No Parking Necessary

Aside from traffic, parking is the worst aspect of driving in a big city. Not only does it take forever to find a free spot, but the prices are painful. With a chauffeur, not only can he or she drop you off at your destination the moment you arrive, but you never need to worry about parking fees.

6. Additional Car Services

A chauffeur does more than just drive. When you arrive at your hotel from the airport with all your luggage in tow, your chauffeur helps you unload. When it’s time to go home, he or she loads up your belongings safely and securely. This service applies to any shopping bags, bike rentals, or presentation equipment.

Your chauffeur is also trained mechanically so if the vehicle you’re in breaks down or has some mechanical failure, your chauffeur can remedy the situation quickly and easily. If the fix cannot be done within a reasonable amount of time, there’s always another vehicle in the fleet ready to take over.

7. Top-of-the-Line Vehicles

Every chauffeuring company is equipped with a fleet of vehicles that are top of the line. These vehicles are beautiful and luxurious—they look just as classy as your chauffeur does in his or jer uniform. The company also constantly performs maintenance on each vehicle, which decreases the likelihood of car problems. This fleet lets you travel in comfort and style.

8. Individual Connections

In many situations, you may have the same chauffeur drive you throughout your entire business trip. Your chauffeur will learn your name and prioritize friendly and warm interactions. This relationship lets you feel more comfortable with your transportation experience.

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